7 Secrets to Manifest Your Dream House

House Manifestation Steps

Did you know that you can use coloring pages to manifest your dream house? Here are 7 secrets to make it a reality: 


Step 1 Visualize

Spend a few minutes each day visualizing your dream house while coloring.  Actually envision what you want it to look like.  Think of the colors, the spaces, how many rooms, how much square footage... Really 'get into' your vision and make it come alive in your mind, and on paper. 


Step 2 Write
Write down specific details about your dream house and affirmations to make it happen.  Be clear about your vision with details from the art on your walls to the number of steps on the staircase.  Be as detailed as you can be. 


Step 3 Take action

Take inspired actions towards your goal, whether it’s saving money or researching neighborhoods.  If you don't have a plan, make one.  Don't just rely on hope or wishing; actually do something every day towards making your dream house a reality.


Step 4 Let go of limitations
Let go of limiting beliefs like “I can never afford it” and trust in the universe.  Start using your words differently by saying 'I can afford it; money comes to me easily and abundantly' and make sure every time a negative belief pops into your mind about your dream house, you take notice then dismiss it quickly replacing it with positive words.  


Use the law of attraction to attract abundance and prosperity; think positively.  Old thoughts might come back to haunt you, making you believe your dream house isn't possible but keep pulling out your journal and coloring pages to put your energy on the positive.  


Surround yourself with positive energy and supportive people who believe in your dream.  If you are absorbing the negative energy of people who shun your dream, it might be time to press the pause button on draining conversations until you reach your goal.  Every person who isn't adding to your life in a positive way, is taking away.  En route to your goal, you'll need to be surrounded by positivity.   


Be patient and grateful for the manifestation of your dream house. Start with these coloring pages here and see the power of manifestation unfold!

Feeling inspired? TAKE the big step.

Click here to learn how to manifest your dream house even faster!

Click here to learn how to manifest your dream house even faster!