What to Buy as a Memorial Gift

What to Buy as a Memorial Gift

The passing of a loved one is HARD and we know that while most people want to buy memorial gifts, their mind isn't on shopping duing that time.  We make buying a memorial gift easier with our best selling customized blanket or bestselling custom quilt.  We also have our bestselling memorial hoodie and bestselling memorial tshirt.  

All of these memorial treasures, are customized and personalized to your special someone, whether it's a person or a pet. 

Gathering photos of your loved one, is all you have to do and we take care of the rest. 

Custom memorial blankets and memorial quilts are heart felt and recipients will have memories to last a lifetime.  

Here are some tips to make your memorial custom blanket, that much easier to buy during a hard period. 

To make the most of the memorial custom blanket, you'll want to ensure your photos are clear, and large originals or at least as close as you can get to original.  This will ensure the photo will print clearly and that's our goal.  Having the memorial custom blanket looking as close to the original photo as possible.  Clear, large quality photos prints will make the blanket stand out.

Leave the photo placement to us, but if you have a main photo for your custom memorial blanket that you especially want to highlight, let us know and we'll make it larger so it becomes the focus of attention.

The material of your blanket is up to you, but cozy soft plush or mink sherpa is our most popular.  People love holding the custom memorial blanket as they reminisce on their loved ones.  

You can choose any color you want as a background and any preferred text.  Just let us know your vision and we'll make sure we honor it. 

Memorial sweatshirts and memorial zip up hoodies are quick and easy to buy and receive. They are generally printed on both the front and back of the sweatshirt, but it's all up to you to customize.  The Angel wings are a reminder that your loved one is always with you.  You can write the name, 'our loving angel' or anything you like on the sweatshirt.  

Memorial tshirts can be worn on the day of the funeral or family gathering, as friends show appreciation for the one they miss most.  Shirts can be created in all colors and fonts, with as many photos as you'd like to commemorate the one who passed.  Memorial tshirts and memorial sweatshirts can be worn long after the day of the funeral to continue to carry the person or pet in your heart and let the world know how much they meant to you.

We are ready to prepare your memorial shirt, memorial sweatshirt, memorial blanket or anything else for that matter.  Simply send us a note and we'll do our part to fulfill your memorial gift needs.  

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