Design Your Perfect Custom Photo Blanket

Design Your Perfect Custom Photo Blanket

Thinking of getting a custom photo blanket?  Here are some simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful custom blanket design.

1. Choose clear, large quality, original photos:  If you're looking to have a quality print for your photo blanket, you need to make sure the photos are clear, large in size and originals.  In other words, no screen shots or photos of photos.  Imagine being ready to receive your photo blanket and when it arrives, can barely make out the photos.  That would happen if the photos submitted aren't high quality.  Now imagine the same photo blanket arriving at your home and seeing your custom blanket beautifully printed with vibrant clear colors.  Save yourself the headache and just do it right from the beginning.  Choose the photos you want and decide if they are to be put in any special order. 

2. Choose the size of  your custom blanket:  No matter what size photo blanket you want, you can put numerous photos on them, however, the larger the blanket, the more the images can be presented in a variety of styles.  Crib blanket, single blanket, double blanket, queen blanket, king blanket....measure your bed and confirm how big you'd like your custom photo blanket to be. 

3. Choose text you love and pick your font:  When creating a custom blanket, always consider your text font.  Certain cursive text on photo blankets can be hard to read when printed.  The clearest font for photo blankets, is blocky and bold.  Ensure the writing is large, clear and legible.  Consider making your custom photo blanket stand out even more with various custom text font options.  

Don't forget to reach out to us and let us know how you'd like your photo blanket to be created. 


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